Omar Rodriguez | Masters Degree in Vocal Performance

Voice Lessons
Classical | Pop | Rock | Metal

$25 - 30 mins
$40 - 1 hour


I welcome singers of all ages, levels, and interests! Together, we'll explore your voice's full range of technical and expressive possibilities in order to help you sing sustainably in a variety of styles. While voice lessons are a collaborative experience, your goals and comfort are always the top priority!

Feel free to read through the FAQ  for commonly asked questions regarding voice lessons.

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Commonly asked questions

Can anyone learn how to sing?

YES! Just like any sport or physical activity, singing involves the strengthening and coordination of muscle groups. Also just like sports, singing is something that can be improved through well-guided practice. Using vocal pedagogy (the study of how singing works at an anatomical level) as our guide, we'll build healthy habits and muscle memory to expand your vocal capabilities.

Which aspects of singing do we work on in voice lessons?

The main thing we are after is developing a vocal production that is healthy, consistent, flexible and sustainable. We will also work on style, interpretation, and correct pronunciation when singing in a foreign language. I'm well versed in Italian, French, German, English and Spanish diction, and can speak the last three languages as well.

What should I bring/wear to my voice lessons?

It's always good to record your lesson, so that you can listen back to anything you might want to refresh. So, something to record, something to write/type with, and clothing that you feel you can move around comfortably in.

Are virtual Zoom lessons effective?

Definitely! I have a lot of experience using Zoom for voice lessons and have found them to be incredibly productive and efficient. Another bonus is being able to have your lesson from the comfort of your own home! I'm more than happy to help you set up your audio settings and walk you through using Zoom, if that is something new to you.