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Born into a bilingual family, I developed an affinity for language at a young age. I speak English, Spanish (Castilian and Mexican), and German, and have taken numerous advanced diction courses in these languages as well as in Italian and French. 


With my language background, as well as the numerous language and diction courses I’ve taken during my studies, we can work together on producing accurate pronunciation in a variety of languages in a way that compliments, rather than works against your singing. We can also work on understanding the “rules” of different languages so that you can learn to correctly identify and pronounce foreign languages yourself! 


If you’re looking to coach diction for a recital or juries, would like some extra preparation before a diction exam, or are part of a foreign-language production, please feel free to reach out!

Email me directly to inquire about masterclasses or having me prepare/oversee diction for an upcoming production!

***Se habla español***


1 Coaching:

30 mins: $25
1 hour: $40

4 Coaching Bundle:

30 mins: $85
1 hour: $145

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